Black Triangle Sighting in Belton, Missouri on October 7th 2015 – noticed one just not moving and had 2 round lights shining, between the lights looked a flat object, to far to see under it

I was outside around 4a.m. couldn’t sleep and I like to look at the stars with my binoculars. I noticed wat looked like a plane to the west of my house bout mile or so away what seemed to be a plane but this thing was not moving at all had 2 lights spread apart from where I could see with a kinda flat shape between the 2 i’d say green lights. then I looks to the south and saw two crafts with fast blinking lights going toward this one that was jus sitting there. so im watching back and forth with my binoculars which was difficult having trees in way on the path the other 2 were coming from. well when the 2 got behind a tree one one emerged toward the one jus floating then as it got closer the one not moving started headin north for sure maybe nort west with one that looked to be kinda under it but was definitely following it. then I finally noticed where the 3rd one was it flew rite over my neighbor hood going east with wat looked to be a triangle shape of lights flashing and it wasgoing very fast not like u hear about like pole to pole in seconds but in my binoculars I could see a smoke like trail behind the one that seemed to guide one to the stationary one. the other 2 jus kept going and eventually I lost site. I jus thought it was to strange for airplanes to what seem to be a guiding of someone to a airplane that isn’t moving at all then when does start going the lights blink like a plane jus fast but planes also do that and one of the 2 others follows it. please tell me what I saw this was at least a minute in cass county Missouri in the belton/raymore area and was over im guessing 430 am. course no phone with me dang it. I mean maybe it was a exercise of sum sort I would like you all to check radar in the cass county area around 420 am to 435am thanks.

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