UFO Sighting in Manchester Township, New Jersey on October 7th 2015 – Looking out my back enclosed porch window in the door. I observed the crescent moon. Above the pine forest treeline. Appeared to be 20 degree’s higher up from the canopy of the pine forest. I originally believed I was viewing a very bright star. It moved!

At a few minutes after 3:00 AM EDT 10/07/2015 in Whiting, NJ 08759. A section of Manchester, NJ (same zip code). My home has an enclosed back porch. It is not a flimsy structure. There is a window in the door that goes out to my concrete patio. The atmospheric conditions were as clear as possible. Due to my home being located in a very rural section of Western Ocean County, NJ – In the NJ Pine Barrens. There is a 15,000 acre Protected NJ Game Reserve. Twenty feet from my back door of my enclosed porch. The edge of said game reserve is within view of the windows within my enclosed porch. I first noticed above the tree line the crescent Moon in the early morning sky. I then looked to my right above the tree line. I have looked out from that same exact location on hundreds of occasions. Over the course of the approaching two years since I moved into my current home. This part of Western Ocean County, NJ is extremely rural. One of the very few location’s within NJ where ambient light does not impede the ability to see the night sky in an unexpectedly very clear manner. When I noticed what I believed to be what appeared to be a star as bright as the planet Venus in the night sky. I had never before ever observed a star like object in this area above the pine forest tree line. Based on the prior perspective & capabilities I have previously experienced. Within eight seconds of noticing this “new star”. It started to move at lightening fast speed diagonally on a sharp angle. Having dropped below the tree line. It was very difficult to see due to the density of the forest. Though, due to it’s extreme brightness, I was still able to make it out through the pine tree’s in the forest. It remained there for less than twenty seconds. Once again, at an amazing observation of lightning fast speed. This star like appearing very bright object. Soared above the tree line by what appeared to me to be an ascent of six hundred feet within less than three seconds! As I continued observing this very bright star looking like object. It continued moving up & down at truly such fast speed that it could not have been a drone or any type of manufactured airborne object from the planet Earth. I watched it moving in a manner that was not consistent with anything that I had any ability to explain. It varied from very precise right & also left angle trajectory flight. Once again, all movement that I saw were all occurring at lightening fast speed and beyond that specific description of truly jaw dropping speed in sync with perfect avionics. The kind of super accurate movement and motions that were unlike any traditional aircraft I had ever observed, prior to this specific event. I did not have the ability to accurately know how large this object, AKA UFO was/is. Beyond it maintaining it’s consistent brightness. It was not pulsating. It was not changing it’s size or the amount of star like bright white light that I was observing from what I in a conjectured manner of thought. Possibly believed that this object was anywhere from twenty miles away from my home. Upwards of it very possibly being hundred’s of miles away from my home location. If it was very far away. That caused me to wonder about what the true and accurate size of this, not of this Earth, flying object truly and honestly was. I do not own a telescope. I own a pair of high power binoculars. I did not want to search for them in the main part of my home. With great concern that if I stopped intently observing this most unexplained flying marvel in the early morning sky above Whiting, NJ 08759 at 3:00 AM EDT until 3:25 AM EDT. Everything that I have communicated above was done so in an ethical and honest manner. I did not add or exaggerate anything relative to my honest observation that I have shared above. I would love to know exactly what it was that I was actually observing. FYI: My home is a fifteen minute drive from the town of Lakehurst, NJ ( I do not know the zip code there ). There is a very large US Naval Base located in Lakehurst, NJ. Most people I know locally believe that this specific US Military Naval Base has Nuclear Weapons located on its very large base. When the local & State Wide NJ Press has inquired as to whether or not this US Naval Base does or does not have Nuclear Weapons on it’s grounds or within it’s large & multi-faceted infrastructure. The official spokespeople from this US Military Facility have consistently responded with the answer: “NO COMMENT”. I’ve read & heard in the recent past, that UFO’s are frequently attracted to military facilities that contain nuclear weapon’s. Possibly that’s was why the specific UFO sighting I observed. Very may well have been within the specific area that I have just related. Beyond my original accurate described observation. Which is now being honestly shared & reported here.

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