UFO Sighting in New Castle, Colorado on October 7th 2015 – bright randomly flashing light in western sky seemed to be stationary then moved eastward slowly then changed to a southerly direction

I was walking my dog across the street from my house at approximately 10:20 pm, mtn time. I was watching the sky looking for satellites and meteors when I noticed a bright flash of light between 2 stars. It flashed in the same position several times anywhere from 5 to 30 second intervals. It remained in the same position for 2 to 3 minutes. Then it started to move slowly to the east, again flashing in intervals with no consistency.I decided at this point to go back to the house to get my wife and stepson and see if it would still be there when I returned with them. It had moved to a in an eastward direction to where It was almost directly overhead.My wife and stepson both observed the white flash in the sky several times as it changed direction and started to move in a southerly direction. We watched it flash intermittently for a few more minutes then hadn’t return to the house to go to bed. I frequently observe satellites overhead and the move at a much more rapid pace than this object moved. There were jets in the sky at the same time so we could differentiate between them and the object. There were also several meteors near the object so we could tell it seemed to be at an altitude comparable to satellites. I wasn’t sure if it could be a satellite making controlled burns to change course or what but was really strange to see it maintain a steady position for as long as it did.I knew I needed to get witnesses to confirm that I was seeing what I was seeing and thankfully my wife and stepson were able to see it as well.We all returned to the house at 10:36 pm.

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