UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on October 5th 2015 – Transluscent looking dark red object with no sound. Flew straight path N-S made 45 degree turn west abruptly then continued South.

I usually go out at night to watch for stuff in the sky. I sit my chair up and keep my eyes toward the night sky. I have never seen anything more than airplanes and shooting stars. I live near an airport, so at night I always make sure not to confuse airplanes with other things.

On October 5 2015 I was sitting in my chair outside rocked back and was looking in the sky. What caught my eye was something moving in the sky. It was silent. It was larger than a quarter from my viewpoint, but not larger than a silver dollar. It was not bright. It had no bright lights. It had no blinking lights. It was like a dark red and almost seemed translucent. The sighting lasted no more than 10 seconds as it was travelling. It came from the north, I got out of my chair to watch it overheard and it made a right angle turn that was about 3-4 inches from my view and continued straight south. It made no sound and I was able to visually watch it from the second I saw it till it flew slightly overhead, and out of sight.

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