UFO Sighting in Zionsville, Indiana on October 7th 2015 – About 9pm spotted a flicker of light saw an orb that flashed bright then nothing for several seconds and again.

I was near my house walking our dog and sky watching.
At about 9pm I saw a bright white flicker, brighter than a bright star.Thought maybe a plane since airport near, but no it was a bright point of light.
It was almost directly overhead comming southwest headed north. I continued to watch but saw nothing, it was only a bright flash of light not like planes. Eventually after a flash. I lost track of it. Another flash from the east happened and i tracked that sphere like a satellite except would get brighter, like a bright star, as it traveled and then dimmer and smaller almost not visible and this would repeat as it moved on a straight path westward. At first thought maybe a satellite but they a small and dim.
The brightness varied as if its light was constant but it distance was comming lower than farther. I stopped tracking it after a minute or so. Had to get in for the night.

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