UFO’s over volcano in Mexico

There’s two races in the Russian Alien Race Book that have been seen near volcanos. Emily Windsor-Cragg in a Kerry Cassidy interview claims the Oh’s/Sylths also hang around active volcanos in Mexico.

UFO hunters say lights above a Mexican volcano could be aliens monitoring Earth | Daily Mail Online


‘There is a combination of geophysical and geopsychological factors at work that can produce UFOs,’ Nigel Watson, author of ‘UFOs of the First World War’, told DailyMail.com.
‘In this case it might be that the proximity of fault lines volcanic activity on a fault line in the Earth’s crust has helped produce a UFO composed of plasma that glows at night and appears metallic or black in daylight.
‘These type of UFOs cast out electromagnetic (EM) fields that can initiate poltergeist-like events (such as objects being thrown about) and they can even react to witnesses as if acting in an intelligent or playful manner.’
Michael Persinger, a cognitive neuroscience researcher, has experimented with the possibility that UFO EM fields can trigger hallucinations or trance states in people who get to near to them.
This would explain the many stories of ‘alien’ abductions and other strange encounters that are experienced after a witness has seen a light in the sky, added Watson.
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Kalenia– They come from Aquila Constellation near star Tarazed. They’ve colonized three planets and have a life span of 150 years. They’re often sighted in northern Africa and the Sahara region. They first visited Earth around 300 BC. They don’t conduct abductions and their main interest in Earth is its minerals. They were last sighted in 2003 near a volcano in Iceland.

Tarice– Their origin is unknown and there are often seen flying by or near volcanos. They have never contacted humans and there are no reports of violence or abductions. Even though they’re discreet their presence on Earth is frequent and they do not try to hide from view. There are several contradicting reports about their appearances. They were last sighted in 2000 of the coast of Norway.

This is the video, but it’s been disabled on YouTube: PROJECT CAMELOT: EMILY WINDSOR-CRAGG : ANUNNAKI CONTACTEE

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