Dr. Dru & Big Daddy – The Oswald Zombies / Keywords: Jfk Lee Harvey Oswald Zombie Conspiracy

This was part of an internet hit that drew in over 1/2 million viewers on its original launch. If your ready for a political style group of rappers, you have found them. Their songs are based on current events and how they see the world as it is today. Listen to the rappers who are continuously compared to Eminem, Jay Z, and B.O.B. Take a minute and listen to the song that had Twitter on fire with tweets and is ready to fire you up. Life messages and a story that your going to have a hard time understanding, so let the story telling begin with a sure to be hit, The Oswald Zombies.

*** The view points of the artists dont represent the viewpoints of Job’s Faith Records. We stand by our artists and celebrate the 1st Amendment with their rights to say what they would like to say. We neither approve nor disapprove of the message and are always in a neutral position.

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