UFO Sighting in Bridgeton, New Jersey on June 20th 1980 – My friend and I observed a UFO At roof top level for about three minutes in the summer of 1980.

In the summer of 1980 myself and my best friend at the time were sitting on the front porch step on Irving ave. in the town of Bridgeton New Jersey. it was in the early evening thirty minutes before dusk. as we were sitting on the front step talking I happened to look down the street and noticed the object that was passing very slowly over the roof of the Bridgeton Hospital which was about 3 city blocks from where we were sitting I qiuckly said to my friend Nelson WHAT IS THAT! As i pointed at the object to Nelson my brain was quickly trying to identify it I said its not a plane because it had no wings, its not a Helecopter no blades. its not a blimp. it was no more than twenty ft above the hospital roof. moving so slowly. we were so excited that I said to nelson lets go to check it out. we immediately jumped off the steps ran out the yard and down the st. towards the object. as we were running as fast as we could towards it i could clearly see it was a UFO SILVER IN COLOR. AND ROUND DISC SHAPE. as we were running towards it I could see that it was turning in direction slightly and if we continued running down Irving ave that we we miss it directly so I estimated that in order to get a closer look at the UFO I would have to change directions and start running up another st named Church st. I did that and got about a quarter block up the st. then I decided to stop and wait to see the ship fly over me. AS soon as I stop I looked up and it appeared as luck would have it I was now directly underneath the UFO as it slowly moved no more than 20 to 30 feet above the houses roof tops. I was amazed because it made no sound nothing. it was matalic silver in color with multi colored lights under it that were not blinking at all. it was so close to me I remember saying i could have it it with a rock. I was only 20 years old at the time along with my friend nelson.I distinctly remember thinking that it was heading in the direction of the Salem 1&2 nuclear power plant which was only about 20 miles or less away from were we lived at the time.The interesting thing about this is because my friend Nelson and I have kinda both moved on with our lives and not been in touch that much, I really love to talk with him about that incident to see and compare our story about what we both saw that day back 1980. To this day I feel so lucky in my mind knowing that I personally witnessed seeing a UFO! AND I AM VERY CONTENT KNOWING THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE.

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