UFO Sighting in Lake Villa, Illinois on October 8th 2015 – I saw flashing lights hovering for a while then it flew away.

I was laying in my bed about to go to sleep, when I looked out my bedroom window which is facing west and I saw what I thought to be an airplane, however it was hovering not moving or getting bigger or smaller. I noticed the object because I was lookong at the tress across the street and saw it above it (not actually above it was further away but from my perspective it was above the tree line). I couldnt tell the shape bur it didnt seem flat in seemed fmlonger up and down than side to side, atleast from my angle. It was flashing red yellow and white lights randomly and very bright, not blinding bright but too bright for a plane. Then is started to move south however it stopped flashing yellow, it dimmed reddish and then started flashing white and reddish. It was flashing in pattern after it started moving. I lost sight of the object when it went past my house over the room that I could see from my room. Also when it flew away it wasnt super fast but it was fast. Towards the end of it being in my sight a plane more north and higher was flying and they looked similar but not identical the UFO just seemed off. I know what planes in the sky look like and there was something different about this object . I immediately called my friend after I couldn’t see if anymore and she didnt answr. I was scared and nervous because I’ve never seen something like this and I didn’t know what to expect. I couldnt tell anyone in the house because they were all sleeping.

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