UFO Sighting in Olla, Louisiana on October 8th 2015 – This morning I witnessed strange objects falling from the sky leaving trails behind all diving down towards the sunrise

Every morning me and my friend check the sky as recently it has been red so were intrigued. Today the sky was purple more than red so I called her to let her know and see if she could see. I was looking up all of a sudden an object was descending from the sky like a plane but smaller and going in a strange direction I took pictures then another appeared then two at the same time then more and more just kept on coming two looked like they was going to crash but one changed it sort of swerved they all headed in the same direction behind the trees where the sun was rising all heading that way some reflected the sun on one side as you can see in the pictures. Once I looked back on the pics I noticed a purple blob in quite a few pics but that could be lense issues I’m not an expert I don’t know what it is but I couldn’t see it in the pictures when I was taking them I said at one point it looks like debris scattering and falling from the sky but what could be so big it breaks apart n leaves smoke like trails behind it some had two trails which just disappeared I’m not sure what it is but you guys sure will hopefully. My children also witnessed this ok they are 8 and 9 but my son Calle me into his room as he could see one I ran in n he was right there was a bigger one. Look I know you must have these all the time but I wouldn’t be here doing this if I didn’t see this n experience what I did this morning.

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