Cheat with the UFO

Please take a look at these pictures and then let me give you a question: “What is more difficult: To curve these trees and walls or the grain in the fields?”

Just as a matter of interest, I have encountered several gases, one only inhale and I have got the symptoms of a little flu with a coughing and blowing my nose. Or from the inhale of something what smelĺed from the water my saliva had changed into a “whipped cream”. I have also seen artificial spider’s nets (on the picture below), modified food and other. But why am I mentioning these small examples?

Well, the capabilities of the “Hellish world secret service” are unimaginable (= by far exceeding what was shown above) and I remember very well, how one of their members had some UFO-related literature, saying that he is interested about it, but it seemed to me that he only says it and that he does not really believe in it. To my opinion, he wished normal people believe in it.
After all what I have encountered, which also includes the false testimonies of various people in the field of religion and spirituality, I have come to know that the “Hellish world secret service” uses to create much of what we believe in, knowing however that it is differently than how it teaches us. Which, in this case, means circles and pentagrams in the fields or photos and videos of unidentified flying objects (who knows, perhaps they have something like that what can fly, if not straightly the flying discs, and they keep it secret). I have discovered, that they keep some pieces of knowledge and technical achievements hidden from the public and for their own needs only.

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