Norway Sky Spiral Absolute Proof That EISCAT Can Create Spirals in the Sky

Norway spiral vortex Absolute Proof That EISCAT Can Create Spirals Over Tromso Norway… Norway’s Sky Spiral was reported to be visible for around 10 to 12 minutes & at a very low trajectory… It now seems, from paperwork found, that this happening is built around EISCAT, operating an experiment named “Tequila Sunrise” … An ICBM, unlike cruise missile or an SR-71, has a very steep angle of ascent, and comes down pretty steeply too … ( Not what we see in the images) & doesn’t have much of a heat signature on the way down… Infra-Red images in videos show a Lot of Heat !!
…the EISCAT Ramfjordmoen facility, specifically designed to broadcast powerful beams of microwave energy high into space… thereby also creating blatant HD torsion side-effects in the Earth’s highly-electrified upper “plasma” atmosphere. The facility is officially supported by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan… China… the United Kingdom… and Germany.

Super Dual Auroral Radar Network
An international Radar network for studying the Earth’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and connection into space…
European Incoherent SCATter Radar Site (EISCAT), a premier world class ionospheric heating research facility located in northern Norway near Tromso.

Viewable Spirals Created
Generation of artificial light in the sky by means of high-power radio waves interacting with the ionospheric plasma …

Artificial Airglow Excited by High-Power Radio Waves.

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