UFO Sighting in Columbus, Georgia on July 10th 1952 – Saucer shaaped object circling “lakebottom” area.

Firstly, please understand that my memories of this are those of a child. There were many people who saw this, but sadly, most of them have now passed away. I have never been able to find any newspaper mention of this incident, which leads me to wonder, as an adult, if it was “hushed up” by the military.

My older brother and I, along with many others, were playing at Lakebottom park on a Summer evening in the early “50s”. Suddenly there was a “saucer shaped” object above us, at tree-top height, and it proceeded to circle Lakebottom at least once, maybe twice, and then disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. Some boys that my brother knew came running up from the area of a softball game in progress at the other end of Lakebottom, screaming “did you see it?” The exterior seemed to be dark gray or black, non reflective material, with a soft blue glow around it, and maybe, possibly a humm sound with it. I am now in my seventies, and still wonder what it was that we saw, and if I’ll ever find out!

Any help solving my “mystery” would be appreciated!

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