UFO Sighting in Cypress, Texas on October 10th 2015 – Two fireballs appear randomly then travel upward and outward into sky and disappear rapidly

At about 12:30 am on October 10th, my roommate and I were on 3rd floor balcony of our apartment talking. Seemingly out of nowhere, two fairly large and bright looking balls or spheres of what I could only describe as “Fireballs” literally appeared into our view, directly to the north. They seemed over a few miles away, and estimated ~5,000-7,000ft off the ground. These “fireballs” we’re not pulsating or blinking, but appeared as completely spherical, with an almost swirling but steady light emitting or almost a red-orange fiery aura about them. One object was slightly higher than the other but both objects moved in unison. They traveled upwards and outwards to the NE/Easterly direction while quickly gaining altitude before completely disappearing from our view. This whole sighting took about 1min-1min 30 sec total. No sound was heard at all. Was unable to capture initial appearance on video, and quality is low so objects appear less prominent than they actually were from our perspective.

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