UFO Sighting in Flint, Michigan on August 28th 2015 – Was watching TV was like I was telepathically told to go look at the sky. Saw the craft and orb took a picture and lost time woke up on my couch.

I was watching TV and I was telepathically told to go look at the sky. I looked at the sky westward and immediately saw the craft and the orb. The craft was lower than the orb and was emitting light pulses to the orb. I took my phone and snapped a picture. You can see the craft and the light pulses going up but you can’t see the orb. The next thing I know I’m waking up on my couch and I thought to myself that I dreamt the sighting. I remember taking the photo so I grabbed my phone and the picture was there. I was sick to my stomach and felt warm all over my skin was red. I felt a feeling of doom.
Now I’m coming forward for the first time in my life because I need serious help. I’ve been being abducted since age nine. My first experience with abduction was in late summer I was nine years old playing worth my best friend in the woods by her house. We were exploring and found to dead baby horses. I remember they had parts cut off them but there was no clear reason why they should be dead. No injuries.. Nothing. We got really scared and next I remember my hair got all staticy and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Then we saw this metallic silver orb perfectly round and it looked totally solid. And this orb was hovering above us and we started running for our lives. Next thing I remember is waking up on my friends bed and she was also next to me. We said nothing to each other until years later when we reunited and I asked her if she remembered the orb and the baby horses. She said yes it was real and it happened.
Over the years I’ve known something was happening but never remembered what. However, I couldn’t deny that when I lost time something always appeared on my body. A cut, a mark and scars that appeared from nowhere. Note for the last three years I’ve suffered so much with lesions that won’t heal and strange things that come out of the lessons. Sometimes strange living creatures. I know this sounds so crazy but it’s true. My hair texture has changed and I find weird structures in my hair. Intricacy in knots and strange black hairs that move and my hair acts as of its alive as well. I have proof of all this as I’ve documented and have numerous samples of the strange structures that comes out of the lesions as well as strange scabs and fibers that move. I know this sounds crazy but it’s not when you have proof.. And I do. I’m coming forward now because I’m scared as my health is starting to be effected and I feel far older than I am. That’s all I have for you note.

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