UFO Sighting in Lakeport, California on February 18th 2013 – 3 ufo’s passing thru, same height, same distance apart,same speed, same color, exactly, 3 seconds apart, everything was perfectly the same.

I was driving to take my son to his mothers house in Kelsyville from Hidden Valley. At exactly 8:20 pm I noticed a reddish, organge glowing ball flying through the sky between 3 to 5 k miles per hour, I thought , OMG A UFO!! And I kept my eyes on the sky and 2 more followed. Same speed, same height, and same distance apart.this happened on my grandmothers
birthday on 2-18-13. They traveled from one mountain side to the other within 3 seconds!
I thought that it was very cool to see that, and it is still stuck in my head. They just disappeared. I think my boy was asleep.

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