UFO Sighting in Bolingbrook, Illinois on October 2nd 2015 – Star-like object stationary in sky; broad daylight

The sky was clear, the sun was shining, and there was quite a breeze on this particular day, October 2nd, 2015.
I decided to open up the windows of the first floor of my home, and proceeded to open the back door. Upon taking a step outside onto the patio, I took in the beautiful sky, observing some clouds to the north-west, the sun in a south-western orientation. Directly to my west, and high up, to the left of the aforementioned clouds, I saw what looked like a star. I at first thought it was a plane reflecting the sun, many fly overhead so it seemed normal. However, after the initial sight of this object, I noticed it didn’t move at all. The time was just after one in the afternoon, so I ruled out stars or a planet, as those would be difficult to see, if at all. Satellites do not remain stationary, so I ruled this out as well. I was beginning to get anxious, as my camera was on the second floor, so I would need to quickly get it in order to document whatever this could be.

I hesitantly ran to my room, after taking one stop in the kitchen to return to view the object, making sure it remained(and possibly getting my last view of whatever it could be). I made it back outside, and to my surprise the object was there, in the same spot. Still keeping its star-like appearance, just shimmering up there, I began shooting. I did not have my tripod, so I used an outdoor shelf just to the left of the backdoor. I had to tilt the camera about 70-80 degrees, and shot as many photos as I could, deleting older photos off my CF card.

The sighting lasted about 30-35 minutes. I shot from 1:18pm to 1:33pm, with intermittent spurts of prior photo deletion. Using my Canon 50D camera, and my 70-300mm lens. I had to zoom as far as possible to get a shot, and even still it was only a speck on the frame. What struck me as odd was the fact that after deleting some older photos, I could no longer see the object with the naked eye, instead only through the camera. This confused and frightened me slightly, thinking that whatever I saw, could see me, and perhaps cloaked itself? Speculation aside, there are many photos of something.

I have been messing around with the raw shots, editing things such as contrast, shadow and sharpness to get the clearest possible image. I have many different types of shots. Some show a boomerang shape of light, some show a circle of light surrounded by a halo. I’m not sure what to make of it, and would love someone to check them out and analyze! I have both the raw shots, as well as edited jpegs. In order to observe, the images need to be zoomed in to the max (pixelization is rampant). I also have more than allotted to post, available upon request.

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