UFO Sighting in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on October 9th 2015 – west to east in in thin cloud on clear night slowly blinking

I first came to my husband to let him know the Mufon site revealed 2 people had seen a UFO on the north side of Elkhorn. We live in that direction – northeast of Elkhorn. By then it was about 10 pm and we went out to see, also there were possible northern lights expected that night. We saw either Mars or Mercury in the northern distance and suddenly I saw a blinking light. It blinked almost every 15-20 seconds and at the same time continued to move east (about the speed of a helicopter but no sound). It was about the size of a basketball or larger. It was a soft white light.

On a map we were about 10 miles due north of Lake Geneva. Just south of East Troy.

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