UFO Sighting in Taylor, Michigan on October 11th 2015 – Bright flash next to the star Vega

Walking south back from corner store, kept glancing up at stars (I often do this), seen a bright flash by the star Vega, I mentioned to my daughter and told her I’ve seen that before but always toward the north never in the west and that it was larger than I have seen. I usually see just a quick flash but this time it was a large and looked like a frisbee, brighter white circle in center, edges crisp. A plane very high up was moving ENE not too far from it and then a few seconds later NW of Vega another small quick flash, too small to make out shape etc. and my daughter seen that flash too. I, my husband and grandson have seen these flashes before but not this big and always in the north and never more than once in a short period of time. I could post many things I’ve seen in the sky where I live but this one is bugging me, might there be a logical explanation? I’m hoping someone else besides family that sees this and maybe explain it away because I would not like to think that it would be related to flashes of lights some of us have seen in the past that have illuminated trees, people etc. and has scared the hell out of us.

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