UFO Sighting in Texas on October 6th 2015 – Saw what looked like 4 lights in a small square pattern “blink on” above tree line in security camera recording.

While reviewing security camera recording I saw what looked like four small lights that could have been connected in a square shape “appear” well above the tree line to the west of my home. My guess is that they were moving roughly west to east and possibly slightly up.

The lights “twinkled” or “pulsated” in a random pattern and seemed to be moving very slow toward the camera, cant judge how fast they were traveling but for the first minute or two it didn’t get larger or smaller so assumed it was moving slow or hovering.

The lights then seemed to move up slowly and seemed to get smaller so I guessed they were moving away or up in direction, they eventually moved out of the cameras view.

My first thought was it was a helicopter but I’ve never seen one with that kind of light pattern and they usually have some kind of navigation lights which I could not see in this one.

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