Bible Timeline Chart Shows Five Facts You Can’t Learn From The Bible Alone

Published on Jan 23, 2014 shares 5 of the many facts you can learn from a Biblical Timeline Poster with World History chart you can’t learn just by reading the Bible.
Keep all those prophets, kings and people straight by seeing them in order. Which well known Biblical character died the year of the Flood? Which son of Noah lived until the prophet Abraham and his son Isaac were born? Who came first – beautiful Queen Esther or the prophet Daniel? A Bible timeline chart answers all these questions and more.
Even better you can learn what was going on in world history during important Bible events. For example what was happening in China or Europe during the time of the prophet Daniel. Or what was going on in the Bible during important world events – the Trojan wars for example.
A Biblical Timeline with World History gives you 6017 years of history at a glance. Find out more at

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