JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, forty six years ago today. How Kennedy might have changed the world will never be known. Some say Kennedy was a man ahead of his time. Others say his assassination was brought on by his speech about Secret Societies and the new world order.

The official Warren Commission Report states that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy. A report that remains controversial to many americans. Along with Oliver Stone, many believe in a cover up and conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy.

Bill Cooper believes there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy, this is his story. Cooper was shot and killed outside his home on Novermber 6, 2001. His death did not kill his conspiracy theory.

I’m sure this clip will be controversial. I’m not saying that I believe all of Bill Cooper’s theory. But, I will say, I don’t believe the Warren Commision Report! I believe there was a second gunman. I don’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald fired the kill shot. Hopefully, the truth will be released someday.

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