UFO Sighting in Gulf Shores, Alabama on October 12th 2015 – seen 10-15 orbs of redish orange light

Me and my wife was setting on orange beach about 1:00 am on 10/12/2015. To the west I seen 10-15 redish orange lights in the sky just off the beach over the water. At first I thought they were just helicopters or some other kind of aircraft. I told my wife to look and we both just stared in disbelief. They were moving very slowly to the south. They stayed visible for maybe 5 minutes until they started disappearing one by one until only three lights were left in the shape of a triangle, then they disappeared as well. My wife tried to take some pictures but was unable to capture them. I know what helicopters and airplane lights look like at night and these were definitely not any of those. We both have seen unexplainable things before but none like this.

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