UFO Sighting in Newport, Rhode Island on October 12th 2015 – Periodic bright flashes by dull red light moving randomly in the western sky

It was about 10pm, I had stepped out for a smoke and was looking up at the stars as it was a clear night.

I noticed a bright flash in the sky and turned to face that direction (west) expecting to catch a glimpse of a flaring satellite. There was a second flash (a flare less than a second in duration) a few seconds later but as it faded I couldn’t make out the object that might have caused it.

A third flash provided a direction moving upwards in the sky towards vega roughly and I followed the trajectory line to see if I could catch what was causing it. By doing so I caught sight of a very dim red light, but as I observed it it did not move in a straight line as a satellite would, but instead slowly turned in random directions.

The object flared or flashed a few more times before I lost sight of it completely and there were no more flashes. To me it looked like an aircraft manoeuvring at a very high altitude and flaring as it reflected the sun. The pale red colour of the light reminds me of the report I put in on september 06, but observed from different locations (about 20 miles apart)

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