UFO Sighting in Paul, Idaho on October 12th 2015 – Randomly pulsating and blinking orb with different intensities

I first noticed a bright flash out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and observed something hovering and randomly pulsating and flashing a white and blueish white light. The hair on the back of my neck instantly stood up and I felt uneasy. Sometimes it was a dim light, dimmer than most of the stars, other times it was brighter than any star in the sky, sometimes it stayed bright for a few seconds before dimming out. It slowly started moving south and then shortly after it stopped blinking. I watched it for 10 minutes. I witnessed this exact same event over Shoshone, ID on October 8 2015 with my girlfriend and my nephew. We all experienced the same feeling of uneasiness when we observed that one, too. Tonight in Paul I was alone, outside getting air and looking at the stars before bed. This just happened not 30 minutes ago from writing this report. I attempted to take video on my phone, but there was no way I could have picked it up. I tried!

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