Black Triangle Sighting in Rochester, Minnesota on October 11th 2015 – Large morphing transparent triangle craft

On Sunday October 11, 2015 it was a beautiful, warm, cloudless day. I went for a bike ride with my brother. We went to the Douglas Trail which starts in Rochester, MN and ends in Pine Island, MN. 13 miles each way. At about 10 mile in we were being followed by a large brown hawk. This hawk was acting crazy and would not leave us alone. We finally stopped and the hawk hovered about 30 feet above us. He was catching the wind and was staring at us. We thought he was going to attack us. I have never seen or heard of a hawk doing this sort of behavior. We did nothing to provoke him. After about 30 seconds he flew off. We kept our eye on him until he was a distance away. We were just about to start our ride again when I looked up above the hawk in the distance and saw a white orb. The orb was way up high. It was a total cloudless day so it was the only thing in the entire sky. I looked at it for about 10 seconds then it started to grow in size. It changed it’s shape and became a large triangle craft. It was transparent but the sunlight reflected off it. It looked like glass. With the sunlight you could see it’s depth and it’s dimensions. Then it shot across the entire sky at an insane speed. It went from the western horizon to the eastern horizon in 1 second flat. A vast distance. It had to be traveling at thousands of miles per hour. It then stopped instantly. I yelled at my brother to look up. He saw it when it stopped and reached for his phone to take a picture. The object then blinked and shrank until it was gone. There was no time to get a picture. From the time it grew and went across the sky to the time it stopped and disappeared was only about 5 seconds. There was not enough reaction time to get a picture. After the sighting we continued our bike ride and witnessed no more actively.

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