UFO News Article (Blog): “One hand washing the other?”

By Billy Cox, 30 September 2015
(De Void, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida)
Billy Cox reports on the work of UFO culture critic Robbie Graham, author of the book, Silver Screen Saucers:
Quote from the article:
“Graham waded even deeper into those daunting waters by exploring television plotlines, along with some fairly brazen script-tampering by unseen hands.
Classic example: In a single episode called “Project UFO” during the 1958-59 run of the NBC series “Steve Canyon,” the eponymous cartoon-strip jet-fighter pilot goes gung-ho over a UFO encounter. Problem: the show is produced with U.S. Air Force resources. And, according to a quoted historian, this one “was an episode the Air Force did not really want to be aired.” Consequently, “Canyon’s excitement about UFOs is replaced with skepticism or plain indifference,” writes Graham. Adds a producer from the “Steve Canyon” estate: “Every single page got rewritten and rewritten and rewritten.”

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