UFO Sighting in Bismarck, Montana on June 22nd 1976 – It followed us from Bismack, Montana USA to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

I was with my wife and our 2 children returning by road from Seattle, Washington going to Winnipeg, Canada. We stopped to fuel up in Bismack, Montana. Since we were not familiar with the area, we ran into e dead end street. Why still at the dead end, we notice a very powerful light beaming down from not too high above the ground. The first thought was that it was a helicopter and realizing that there was no sound emanating from the craft made me wondered, but I dismissed it and when to fuel-up at a filling station close to the highway. After we got back on the road to continue our journey, we found the the traffic on the highway had come to a complete stop as a result of the activities of the UFO

Every vehicle on the highway abandoned their journey but we had no choice, so we continued. The UFO decided to keep us company on our journey. When I accelerated, the UFO kept up. When I slowed down, the UFO slowed down and when I came to a complete stop, it does likewise.It was able to ascend so high and so fast to the point that it looked like one of the stars in the sky.

When we got the Emmerson to clear the Canadian Immigration, the UFO stayed suspended up there and as we resumed the journey, so did the UFO. The UFO stayed with us from Emmerson to Winnipeg City limit which is 65 miles.

The UFO disappeared when we got to Winnipeg City limit and we thought that was the end of the episode but when we got to our house, my 5 year son looked up and saw the UFO suspended directly over our house. It was daylight already but fear did not permit me to have a good study look at it. The little saw of it did not resemble any air or space craft that I have ever seen. the outer shell of the UFO was such that you can see the inside. It a looked like there were 2 beings inside, but I did not deep enough to give a description of them.

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