UFO Sighting in Peoria, Arizona on October 14th 2015 – Bright green light, various direction change, hovering, color changed to red/silver started flashing

Was going for an evening exercise walk through neighborhood at about 9:10pm. When I was heading south back to my street, I noticed a bright green light in the sky that was moving quickly like a helicopter. I waited to se if there was a sound or a search light and there was nothing. I kept my eyes on it as I was continuing to walk south and noticed the light going to the right, then stopping, going up, then stopping, going down, then stopping. it continued going a little right, a little left, a little up, a little down and then moving forward getting closer to my area. The green light was getting brighter, and it was impossible to see a shape because of the distance. I continued to go toward my house and would lose sight for a few seconds as the top of the houses and trees blocked my view until i was able to see it again in between the houses. I arrived at my house and could see it there so I went in and grabbed my iPhone to record it. I went into my yard and started recording, but even with the zoom, I wouldn’t get anything close enough to make out a shape. The color and movement can clearly be seen. I was trying to get my wife to come downstairs and see it, so I had to stop the recording and go in and get her. When I came back out with her, it changed to a flashing red and silver color and started dropping. I was able to record a portion of that and then it got too low behind the tree line from my neighbor. I kept the camera going in case it reappeared and it didn’t. I went back in front of the house since there is a better view and I saw it again, but now it was all red and it was much farther away, south and a little east. I could still see the same movements, but it was too far to record. As of an hour after my first seeing it, it was still out there but farther and a different color. We are in the flight path of fighter jets that come from Luke Air Force Base. I was expecting to see them fly by if this had been reported, and didn’t see them until about :30 minutes later, but they were staying away from the area. In the first video I took, I tried to keep my phone still so you can see that the movement is from the lights, not my hand. The bright lit up area on the lower portion of the video is the upstairs bedroom light from my neighbor.

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