UFO News Article: “Judge orders more data in UFO case”

18 and 19 February 2000
(Today’s News-Herald, Lake Havasu City, Arizona)
The article reports on the 13 March 1997 Phoenix (Arizona) UFO case:


Quote from the article:
“ ‘It’s a start, it’s encouraging, it’s a step to learning the truth,’ attorney Peter Gersten, executive director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, said Thursday.
U.S. District Judge Stephen McNamee on Wednesday ordered the Defense Department to provide spesifics by March 17 on how e-mail and a computerized index search were used to locate information on the lighted object.
The U.S. government initially said it had done a ‘reasonable’ search for the documents, but came up empty-handed and wanted the case dismissed.

Gersten said he is still skeptical the Defense Department will provide documents he believes exist, including eyewitness descriptions and sketches of the object.

‘This lawsuit has the possibility of being a landmark FOIA case for reasonableness of searches and good faith affidavits,’ he said. ‘This could change the future of UFO litigation.’ ”

Satellite photo of Phoenix, Arizona (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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