UFO Sighting in Downey, California on October 12th 2015 – Strange light hovering in sky and changing colors.

I���ve never experienced anything like it before. I���ve always been interested in UFOs and what was really out there. I���ve never had any encounters or even seen lights in the sky. I���ve always heard cases about different events that happen to people or a group of people. But I was never lucky to ever see anything. Until one night, Monday 12th, 2015. My names Ricardo Jimenez and I���m at the age of 20 years shy. I live with my girlfriend in Downey, CA. On the night of Monday 12th, 2015 it was about 10:58 P.M. or so, and my girlfriend and I were sitting outside talking and enjoy the night time weather. When out of nowhere a strange, bright light appeared, but within seconds disappeared. Me and my girlfriend look at each other in complete shock and start to question what in the hell we just saw. We asked ourselves was it a star or was it something of the unknown. I immediately got up and start examining the sky. Trying to add everything up and trying to find any explanation I could. Once I couldn���t find anything I just ruled out to be a UFO. Moments after examining the sky, I end up seeing a very strange light. Just sitting still in the sky and changing colors. I questioned how strange it was to see a very bright light appear, then disappear and out of nowhere a light just sitting in the sky changing colors. Very interested I wanted more information and wanted to fully understand what I had seen.

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