UFO Sighting in Hermosa Beach and Beyond, California on October 14th 2015 – Hugh Flashes of Light Over Hermosa Beach then traveled North past LAX then SE

I was driving my car south along Aviation Blvd. toward Hermosa Beach when all of a sudden a huge flash of light occurred to the West of me. A few seconds later another flash of light occurred from same direction. Several cars driving along Aviation Blvd. slowed down. As I drove into Hermosa Beach nearing Prospect Ave. I noticed that all of the electricity was out in Hermosa north of Aviation in the direction of the large flash. I noticed a police car with flashing lights at corner of Prospect and Aviation. I drove further south on Aviation and it was very dark – all the street lights and business lights were out. I turned left onto Ocean Ave. and then left again onto 10th Street. I pulled into our driveway and went in the house and mentioned the flashing lights to my son. He mentioned that he and a friend had seen them a few nights earlier. We then decided to drive over to where the flashing lights were. We drove up Aviation and took a left on Prospect and observed the flashing light higher in the sky and further north about every 20-30 seconds. We decided to follow the flashes to see if we could find the source. We drove north on Prospect, then the flash moved east so we took a right on Artesia Blvd. and then left on Meadows Ave. The flashes were HUGE in the sky and appeared to be moving north and at a distance of about a mile. We drove Meadows Ave following the flashes until Marine, then turned left on Marine and right onto Pacific Coast Hwy. The flash looked like it might be above the Chevron plant, but when we drove into El Segundo the flash appeared right above LAX. The flash then appeared to be north of LAX. We turned left on Imperial to see if the flash might move above ocean toward the west; however didn’t see it as we drove west. We did a U-Turn on Imperial and headed east and turned right and headed south on Pacific Coast Hwy. By that time it was 10PM and we had seen the flash occur at least 40 times in the past hour. We stopped at a restaurant in Manhattan Beach and then headed home and as we drove onto 10th Street in Hermosa driving east we saw the flash again high up in the sky multiple times looking EAST.

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