UFO Sighting in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 14th 2015 – 4 color twinkling light that was as stationary as a star above the horizon not native to the landscape or skyline. Just disappeared after approximately 45 minutes.

Was watching TV from an appartment downtown Honolulu with windows facing north and west of Oahu. Was previously looking out the west-ward window enjoying the sunset. After it set I saw what I thought was a bright star despite not seeing any other stars in the sky from my position. Then my wife and I noticed that this star was twinkling with blue-green-red-white patterns at random. We wanted to believe that it was a aircraft warning light given its completely stationary position. However given its position above the horizon and random pattern of color flashes it clearly was not a aircraft warning light. Our next thought was a star. However We’ve never seen a star that twinkles multiple colors stationary in the sky and then just “fades to black” into nothingness after about an hour. We’ve been looking out this window in the West-ward direction of Oahu since we’ve moved into the building about 2 weeks ago. The light seemed to be off in a distance (Likely above Ewa). Never once have we seen any stars in the position in which the sighting took place. There have been many planes however which are clearly obvious with 2 tone light patterns and one even flew in the same field of vision at the same time as the unidentified random light twinkling. It was clearly not a plane. As mutual skeptics..my wife & I are completely perplexed on what exactly it is we saw. It was NOT a drone, airplane, or aircraft warning light.

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