Black Triangle Sighting in Saint Louis, Missouri on October 15th 2015 – Black Triangle, very large, white lights

My wife and I were driving home on the night of October 15th, 2015. We crossed the Jefferson Barracks bridge from Illinois into Missouri, the time was 8:20pm. I looked north east towards downtown St. Louis and spotted the large craft hovering over the Mississippi river. My wife witnessed this as well. Since we were traveling over the bridge at that time we were only able to witness the UFO for about 10 seconds. The UFO was a black triangle with bright white orb shaped lights at each corner, 3 in total. Each side of the triangle was about 100 yards in length. The UFO was at most 500 feet above the Mississippi river.

My home is fairly close to the JB bridge and overlooks the Mississippi River. I stargaze quite frequently and have seen numerous planes, helicopters, etc. I have even seen a B-2 stealth bomber on two separate occasions. So I am fairly certain what I witnessed was out of the ordinary. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone, however by the time I was ready we had crossed over the bridge. Upon turning around and going back into Illinois we were unable to relocate the UFO.

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