Black Triangle Sighting in Shrewsbury, on October 16th 2015 – Huge Structured Black Triangle

Travelling North West on Holyhead Road just outside Shrewsbury Shropshire UK, and had to pull over at closed garage called Four Crosses Garage to check humming noise I thought was coming from my vehicle. Got out of car and humming sound coming from sky and when looked up a huge structured black triangle was in the sky moving real slow to the North West. First thought it was a jet aircrafts aircraft maybe landing but no airbase or airfield nearby, plus it had no.clear engine noise. It was approx more than 500ft by 500ft and was dark and solid but had a faint white beam projecting down onto the roadside and then the fields. It made a weird humming sound that was like an electricity substation but much louder. My wife who was with me said that it looked like it was quite thick and heavy as it moved. We watched it for about 2 minutes as it moved off over the fields. It then seemed to turn left to the West where it seemed to gain height. The white light flicked out then it shot off quickly to the West with no extra sound.
I have never seen anything like this before and it was definately note a helicopter or fighter jet. It moved like it was being controlled and it was no way a blimp or balloon. Just before we set off on our journey a helicopter appeared from the North East and flew low behind the Four Crosses Pub and garage. At first it flew across the fields but then circled us and it was clear that it was an Apache attack helicopter. It then flew off to the West.

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