UFO Sighting in Indian Hills, Colorado on October 31st 2013 – Two types of orbs have been hovering on and near my property at night for the whole decade I’ve lived here.

Pretty much every night I have lived here, especially recently, I have watched two types of mysterious orbs hovering around the area I live on for years. About a year ago I was with a friend and we both saw what appeared to be like a meteor falling from the sky at a very high speed and made it all the way to the ground, landing somewhere due west, probably in the range of 3 to 8 miles. What was incredible about that event was the fact that this object was like a huge green fireball and mysteriously appeared visible only from an altitude of approximately 1,000 to 3,000 feet and did not originate from way up in the sky as a meteor would. About 3 or 4 years ago I observed several star like bright objects high in the sky making irregular movements at rapid speeds sometimes changing direction instantaneously and one night one appeared to the East of my house and was as close as I had seen before so I decided to point a very powerful green laser directly at it for just a second and I was absolutely shocked to see the object emit 5 projectiles towards me falling all the way to the ground at high speed that looked just like shooting stars one at a time in about one second intervals and they appeared to land in 5 different locations somewhere between thr object and myself as close as a couple football fields away from me. In shear terror at what I may have done and what the projectiles could be, I ran inside my house, locked the doors, and sat in fear the rest of the night. Occasionally I see single blue-white light orbs which hover near the treetops and randomly flash in a strobe-like manner changing brightness intensity and then disappear after a while. The orbs I see literally every night I look that are more common are more yellow-white in hue (often it looks like there is also somehow sonething invisible in front of them which is hard to explain and doesn’t make any sense) and hover usually in pairs between the ground and the treetops and move slowly in wave-like motions and tend to move toward my residence from the west usually and have been seen as close as 100 yards from my house. The property I live on is over 600 acres of wilderness and my home is located in the Southeast corner of the property. A couple years ago I started to try to attempt to get as close as possible to the objects and get photographs and video evidence (which I have, but I was very surprised to see that the orbs are extremely small when viewed through camera lenses, almost reduced to mere dots of light which is strange because the orbs appear to be approximately 2 to 3 feet in diameter, and the videos are always disappointing..). They would always disappear and reappear further away once I got to be within about 100 yards, but one night I guess I got too close to one as I walked over a ridge to the edge of a clearing and when I stepped out of the trees at the edge of the ridge the orb about 50 to 100 feet away suddenly flashed the brightest light I’ve ever seen, as if I had just looked at a flash bang grenade explosion, which stunned me and blinded me for almost 30 seconds as all I could see in my field of vision was blackness after the burst of light occured, and it happened so suddenly I have no idea if it was a beam of light toward me or an emission in all directions, but once my vision returned the orb was gone. When the orbs are somewhat nearby the energy in the atmosphere becomes almost electric, as if they are charging the air, and when I am in their vicinity the hair on my arms and legs stands straight up and stays that way and I feel a sense of excitement. I know they are intelligent and aware of my presence and I can’t help but wonder if they wish to communicate telepathically. My impression is that they seek like a more advanced version of what humans currently use as drones, whose purpose has something to do with exploration and the collection of data and general observation, as they seem to “survey” their surroundings. I am writing this now because I am watching Unsealed: Alien Files “Alien Messages” and I was blown away to learn of an event where a man had a similar experience to my flash of light after touching an invisible craft with orb like lights and had received a message in binary code which was later translated to read something titled “Exploration of Humanity” I believe, which gave me chills and the fact that the phenomenon around my home is currently ongoing inspires me to try to explore the possibility of further communicating with the UFOS if possible and because the remote location I live in is such a Hotspot for strange events I felt Mufon may be interested as well.

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