UFO Sighting in Ralph River, Strathcona P, British Columbia on August 24th 2015 – Two large lights in sky. First one suddenly changed direction 90 deg. Second one appeared then darted off.

I was at a campground called Ralph River, and it is near the bottom of Buttle Lake, in Strathcona Park. This park is found right in the middle of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Buttle Lake is half man made witch means that the giant trees around it were logged for BC Hydro, (an electric power company) to dam the lake to raise the lakes water level.

This year we had very little rain so the water level was at a record low, and this exposed the remaining tree stumps. Some of them are large enough to lie on.

This is what I was doing, lain on a large stump just looking for the stars to appear as the sky was turning from blue to black. At this point about 8pm I could see about five or six stars and also to my right I could see a jetliner fling over. The jet liners are common and they all behaved the same with a red and green flashing lights, and a trail of a long thin cloud behind it, the jet was normal.

Then I noticed a very large white light to my left. It was about 20 times bigger than a large star. I was puzzled by it as it was using a similar flight path of a jetliner, but it was solid, not flashing. It was a white light and it was moving much faster the any of the other Jetliners that I have been observing. It was going approximately westbound for about five seconds and then suddenly it darted north (90 degrees) at an incredible speed. I am not a rocket scientist, but it seamed like it darted north at about 10,000 mph.

Ten minutes later my camping friend found me and she laded down on the same stump with me and we both saw a large light form in the north dark sky and a few seconds later it darted off going east north east again at a very high speed.

My feeling about this is that this is was not a man made space craft, not a satellite, not lighting, not the space centre. The sudden change in direction and the darting speed is something I will never forget. I wish I had a camera at the time, but it happened so fast and I never expected to be so fortunate to see something like this.

Most people think I was on drugs, or drunk, or it was lighting, or a satellite, or the space centre. My camping friend saw the second one. This was real.

I know that we are not alone.

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