UFO Sighting in Rochester Hills, Michigan on October 6th 2015 – Pulsating Object with 2 other objects in video for short time

After observing the object in the sky on Sept 26th(case #71599), I have been paying close attention to the sky. I was walking out to my car, looked up and AGAIN at 5:30am in the same exact location on October 6th 2015, I seen the bright light once again. It was different this time, it was pulsating, would get really bright and disappear. At one point it flickered, like something else was moving in front of it.

As I video taped this object, it wasnt until I put it on my laptop to get a closer look, I noticed 2 more objects in close proximity of the pulsating light. In one of the videos I’m up loading, you cant really notice the 2nd object until it takes off toward the left of the screen. The other object is below the pulsating light, and takes off heading back toward the ground.

I am uploading the original video clips and video clips that I lightened/brightened to enhance visibility. I am by no means a video editor, this was the first time I have ever tried uploading anything to do with video. For the people that do know how to work with video, maybe you could dissect the footage and make these clearer or clean up the pixalation!

I am going to continue to watch the sky, and try to capture whatever I can. I’m still in disbelief it happened same time of day, in the same location a few weeks later.

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