UFO Sighting in Rochester Hills, Michigan on September 26th 2015 – Bright object at first, then second object appeared next to bright object

On Sept 26th at 5:30am walked out to my car to grab something and immediately noticed a super bright light at the top of the tree line. At first I thought it was an airplane’s headlight. Stood and watched it for a few minutes and noticed it wasn’t moving. For a brief moment I considered it might be a planet, until I realized wispy clouds were moving behind it.

I ran and grabbed my cell phone to video tape it. I ended up sitting in the road for 2 1/2 hours filming this object. I sat my phone on the asphalt and propped it up to avoid movement/shaking during filming. I heard helicopters when I first started filming, but couldn’t see them. I can produce all original videos.

During this time it was a very clear night with the exception of a few wispy clouds. Stars were visible, and this is NOT a star or a planet! My cell phone would only tape in 28min intervals. For the first 15min the object moved at a steady pace toward the south east while ascending higher in the sky. After 16min I had to move out of the road and when I was able to focus back onto this object there was a second object on the same horizontal plane as the bright light. WATCH THE VIDEO!! The second object I couldn’t see with my own eyes in the sky, I could only see it on my screen. Whatever it is, it is rotating at a high rate of speed and looked transparent but could be seen because of how bright the other object was it was giving off a reflection. I filmed the 2 objects for almost 4 minutes until I had to move out of the road because a car was coming. When I focused back on the area the transparent looking object was gone.

The bright light seemed to hold its position for about an hour, then slowly, very slowly moved toward south west while ascending higher in the sky. The sun started coming up and still could see the object. By 8:30am I gave up on watching and waiting for something else to happen.

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