CIA Employees Chat About Area 51 & UFOs | VIDEO

CIA Employees Chat About Area 51 & UFOs

By George Knapp, Matt Adams

When current and former CIA employees got together to talk about the Area 51 military base at a public forum, it was probably inevitable that the topic of UFOs would come up.

“There’s nothing secret about Area 51,” said former Area 51 CIA agent Gene Poteat.

The panel of current and former CIA staffers who spoke at the Atomic Testing Museum October 9 had their tongues in their cheeks when talking about Nevada’s rock star of military bases: Area 51. No secrets here, they told the crowd. It’s all out in the open.

[…]For years, the CIA denied any interest in UFOs at all, but it now admits that was a lie. Documents obtained via public records laws show it continued to collect UFO information at least into the 1970s. […]

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