UFO Sighting in Fontana, California on July 4th 2015 – glowing sphere like object

it was 4th of july weekend and the whole fam was outside lighting fireworks.. i was standing with my husband and talking to a cousin… i look behind us cause something caught my eye… there were no fireworks south of us, but saw a light. i stared at it for a while before getting my camera and telling my husband to look up, i started filming, but looked away from my phone cause another fam asked what i was filming, so i stopped the footage and showed him, idk if he saw it, or was just not into it, but he didn’t seem to care, I’ve held on to this for a while, and i keep going back to it because it just didn’t belong in the sky with all the fireworks… I’ve seen these before but this was the first time i was able to catch it on camera. thanks for reading 🙂

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