UFO Sighting in Uniontown, Pennsylvania on October 18th 2015 – UFO spotted right outside my window. Turned off all background noise and looked into the event

My girlfriend and I were laying in bed after we had just got done making love. I was watching a college football game when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bright flashing light flying lower that what an airplane should be flying. I live right next to the Connelsville airport so planes and helicopters are very commonplace near my house, seeing multiple craft on a day to day basis. This was completely different and for the record both my girlfriend and I were completely and totally sober. There was two lights blinking together at first heading south southwest pulsating a white light and occasionally throwing in hints of green and orange. When I pointed it out to my girlfriend I turned off the tv turned off my fan and turned out the lights in my room and we opened the window and went and stood beside it so we could watch. Well before she even saw the objects the one had completely stopped blinking so there was only one pulsating light as the craft turned and began heading south east instead. We watched the craft flying fairly low, well below the cloud cover, for between 5-10 minutes as it would occasionally stop and hover then continue on it’s path. It was pulsating different color lighting alternating between white and orange and green but mostly white. There was absolutely no sound, and being that I live near an airport, I know as close as this object was if it were a helicopter or some conventional craft there’d be some sound. It travelled across the sky blinking the whole time without making a single sound. It was an oval shaped craft as best as I could tell weigh blinking lighting and of what I could see it looked to be much bigger than the single engine and other smaller aircrafts that fly out of connelsville. It slowly faded into the background as it kept traveling and I was getting ready to go outside while my girlfriend continued watching it. She then said it blinked 3 times right before completely disappearing from view. I personally have been interested in the UFO phenomenon for quite some time but I have never seen anything like this before in my life. Feel free to check my story and contact me for a follow up and/or if you have questions

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