Black Triangle Sighting in Stanhope Gardens, New South Wales on December 16th 2013 – Triangular object hovering in Sky and did not move while observed.

Early evening sitting on my patio at 18:40:35 on Dec 16, 2013 I notices a small black object hovering in the sky to the north of my back yard.

The object did not move at all. At first I thought it may be a kite but it just hung there and to be honest I now realise that there was no wind on that day.

I grabbed my iPhone and took three photos at different magnifications. In two of the photos there is a television antenna on my back neighbours house.

I watched the object for a while and then went back inside. Next time I came out it was gone and I didn’t see in which direction it went.

I did nothing about these photos but kept them. Today, I watched a mocumentary called “The Phoenix Incident” written and directed by Keith Arem. In the film, they showed a triangular craft being pursued by an F-15 and it reminded me of my photo. I am a UFOlogy enthusiast and watch Hangar 1 all the time.

Originally I wrote this off as an anomaly however now I am not so sure. I really don’t know what it was but it was weird to just be hovering.

The attached photos are untouched and taken with an iPhone 5. Would love to know if an enhancement of the photos show anything.

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