Breaking News Audience Reaction! UFO Sightings & Super Soldier Update! Watch Now 2013 =)

SUPER SOLDIER! UFO Sightings Breaking News Audience Reaction! Watch Now 2013 Dr. J Andy Ilias Special Correspondent to Thirdphaseofmoon On Location in Las Vegas at the Super Soldier Event, Reaction to the Incredible Video of an UFO Stalking an Airplane! Video Captured By Moad Hadi Visit his Original Video Click Link! Super Soldiers: part man & part machine. Although this sounds like the movie terminator, this is a real phenomenon. Top military men have millions invested in them in the form of technology & advanced genetics. And that is exactly what this super soldier summit was about. These cyborgs talked about what they have been trained to do, how those means were achieved & mind control. As if ufos were not enough, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction & this truth is far more exciting than any science fiction novel will ever be.
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