UFO Sighting in Cary, Illinois on October 17th 2015 – Saw about 10-15 star-like objects descending in formation

Was outside and saw movement in the sky next to a nearby plane. Observed about 10-15 star-like lights moving in a diagonal line across my view of the sky at the time. They disappeared behind a nearby house so i only got a quick glimpse of them. They appeared to he a little higher in altitude than the plane. It was at appx 8:50 pm on 10-17-15 over what seemed to be a town over (Cary, IL) they were high enough to see from my location a couple miles away. Almost looked like a meteor shower at first but they left no trails and didnt break up. They moved in unison as if in a flock. All equally distant from each other and I believe they were in 2 rows.

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