UFO Sighting in Lehigh Acres, Florida on October 18th 2015 – V-Shaped Silent Flying Craft Seen through thin clouds

I wake up most days at this time. My daily routine is to go on my front porch which faces West and smoke a cigarette before getting a cup of coffee. There is a small overhang over the porch. I have a standard chair that I sit in and I put my feet on a guardrail in front of the chairs. When I do that it causes my butt to slide forward and lets me face the sky where I look every morning. It helps me enjoy the coffee and wake slowly. I was almost done with my smoke and was getting ready to get up. Don’t think this is funny, but when I noticed this thing, I thought it was a flock of geese. (I hadn’t had my coffee yet so my brain was a bit slow.) Then my logic clicked in and I realized that geese aren’t lighted, they wobble and bob around flying, I can’t recall ever seeing geese at night, and it was way too fast. The only thing that resembled geese was the shape. It was a perfect geese like V-shape of lights. It was cloudy. The thin clouds like fog and they were low so all I saw were the v-shaped lights moving smoothly. I would say it was moving about the same speed as an airplane would. I just thought it was weird that something would fly in that area, because I live less than a 1/4 mile in the path of an airport, and a usual plane from that airport would fly right into it. I had a thought that they could have it on radar probably. Because of the wispy clouds all I could see were the lights. I would guess that it was a triangle, but it would be a guess. I looked online and found a nearly identical image of what I saw. It looked exactly like the picture of the V-shaped lights in Yantai, Shandong, China. It was just strange that there was no sound at all from it. I stood up and watched it fly in that straight line out of sight. I will have my camera ready from now on. The photo attached isn’t one I took, but very close to what I saw. I found this picture online.

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