UFO Sighting in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania on October 18th 2015 – A pulsating light I thought was a plane moved from one spot of the sky to 100-50 miles away in less than a second

On October 18th around 11 PM on the highway 283 near Mt. Joy I was heading towards Harrisburg watching an object directly in front of me in the sky about 50 degrees above the horizon that I thought was a plane, but I thought something was weird about it because instead of blinking the lights were dimming then getting brighter over the course of a few seconds, then suddenly it disappeared and reappeared in the same area of sky but it had moved at least 50-100 miles through the sky in less than a second, there were no other planes in sight when this occurred. I lost sight of the object because of my orientation on the highway at the time and when I had a clear view of the sky it was no longer there.

I had just dropped a friend off in Mt. Joy and she had pointed out the object and said “look that’s a UFO, those aren’t normal plane lights.” She has a tendency to think planes are UFOs so I blew it off at first until I was alone and watched the object teleport in front of me through the sky.

I’ve seen UFO phenomenon before but nothing compelling enough to make me file MUFON report until now.

When I witnessed the object teleport I changed my radio to a station that was receiving only static at the time and there was some sort of weird interference occurring until I lost sight of the object.

I feel it is worth mentioning that throughout my life I’ve had several extremely vivid dreams of large objects moving over me through the sky, these dreams felt like memories that had been erased because I could smell and feel the air around me which is completely unusual for all of my dreams. I’ve had one out of body meditative experience where I feel I made brief contact with an entity of higher intelligence.

At this point in my life what I have witnessed has removed much of my skepticism, I still view every encounter I have through the scope of science and logic to try to find an explanation other than extraterrestrials but I am at the point where I feel I have many unanswered questions regarding these experiences and this is why I have chosen to file a MUFON report, I hope my report might turn up some answers to these questions…

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