UFO Sighting in North Carolina on October 18th 2015 – 1st sight hovering for just a few seconds @ approx. 310° SE, then straight path like an arrow to approx. 30° SW vanishing

Had just returned home, my husband was driving so when we got it off the car, I looked right past his head and saw the light hovering of in distance. It freaked me out so bad, I scared my husband trying to get him to look. While I was trying to get him to look, it bolted across the treetops as fast as a falling meteor (but it went horizontal with the trees), only to vanish. I looked for it in front of the house to see if maybe I had just lost it that fast or it went faster, but no more visuals. This is the first time, I have EVER seen anything like this. If I had to compare its flight to anything, it would be a meteor but maybe faster. I even got online to see if anyone else saw it. Please let me know if possible.

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