UFO Sighting in Nevada, Missouri on October 19th 2015 – UFOseen through meade 114az telescope 25mm lens object half pie shape with glowing bright white light

I have been observing this same ufo now for quite awhile it shows up after the stars come out. I first saw it at about 1;00 am in the morning. I watched it until now which is 6;47 am,as i observed it it kept moving all different directions as it always does. So to keep up with it there is constant readjusting of the scope.This has a very unusual pettern in that it is very erratic in movement while hovering at the same time,it makes no sound and it is very hard to judge its distance.I have also seen another object to the south much smaller in size with the same erratic movements while continuing to hover at the same time.I have never notified the athuarities however i will be making a visit and let them know i am watching the night sky .Will continue to watch the sky as i have been and so you know i did file another report and a woman if i have the name right is margie terry she should know that i am observing this object in the same place as my last report which is as i look out my front room window it would be over CAMP CLARK NATIONAL GUARD BASE ……. will be in touch and these sightings will stop as our winter months bring on more cloud cover however i think the objects remain unseen do to this fact……. JEFF RISHER

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