UFO Sighting in Pescadero, California on October 18th 2015 – witnessed the UFO hovering to th left of th lighthouse. took photos and observed cirle ball shaped with lights

Sunday October 18,2015 at 11.10AM
On visiting the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero, CA 94060 we walked the lighthouse path and looked up to the sky and clouds.
i began to take photographs with my cell phone. After taking the picture I noticed that a ball seemed to sit in the picture to the left of the lighthouse, hovering in the sky.
It did not move just hovered,circular silver in color with lights on it.

Immediately I began taking photos and can see it behind the clouds as well as in the sky without clouds.

I did not loose site of the object, it just remained there. It was still there an hour as we watched and remained when we drove away.

After I drove away we watched a helicopter flying in the direction of the object/

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